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Alexander Belogortsev

ALEXANDER BELOGORTSEV, president, "Merkator Holding" LLC

Roads connect our lives, deliver goods, and give work. In order for these connections to be strong, the roads must be comfortable and safe. One way to achieve this is to keep them clean and in good technical condition. This is exactly what Merkator Holding is doing, manufacturing and supplying equipment for public utilities and road construction.

We take care of our clients, customers, users and contractors, that is why our equipment is easy to operate and has intuitive control. It meets the world quality standards and all the requirements of the Russian legislation on public procurement. We provide technical support and service in the shortest possible time and in all corners of the country. We offer product solutions for optimizing tasks, improving the efficiency of processes and monitoring the implementation

With our equipment, caring for roads becomes easy, convenient and profitable.


  • Design, manufacture
    and complex deliveries of road
    and municipal machinery and equipment
  • Service maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment
  • Localization of production of modern
    special and road-cleaning
    equipment in the Russian Federation.
  • Participation in the implementation of innovative
    projects in the field
    of road and municipal services

Market position

  • * ACCORDING TO the Federal Service of State Statistics (ROSSTAT)

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